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BREEDWELL Short Exposer Circuit UV Blacklight Full Front-to-Back Zipper Orange Neon 18

Pirx Original €55,95 - Pirx Original €55,95
Pirx Original
€55,95 - €55,95
Prix Courant €55,95
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Discover the freedom of our EXPOSER CIRCUIT SHORT!

Unzip and let them have the full view without giving away the full package.

Perfect for dance floors where taking it all off isn't necessary, the EXPOSER CIRCUIT SHORT features a full front-to-back zipper, zippable front pockets to store your valuables, a drawstring waist, interior hidden stash pocket, and piping details. Available in Black and UV blacklight reflective Neon Green, Neon Orange, and Neon Pink - try them and experience the joy of exposing yourself!

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