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SMU Pride Mini Boxer Coupe Sportive Violet P01005 H45

Pirx Original €27,95 - Pirx Original €27,95
Pirx Original
€27,95 - €27,95
Prix Courant €27,95
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SMU Erotic wear  Mini Boxer briefs are for those modern men that like the finer things in life and want to feel and look sexy. 
Every underwear we make has been quality controlled
Made in Canada  Using North American size Chart 
SexyMenUnderwear Stands behind it's Brand!
Fabrics used in these underwear are of the highest quality available on the market,
Our thread is specially weaved according to our high fashion designers.
Assuring you that you will enjoy wearing them again and again.
Great North American size chart !
These are made also in 2 xl 38/40 and 3 xl 40/42
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