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SUKREW Apex Brief Low-Rise Front Rounded Cupping Pouch Soft Pink Briefs 26

Pirx Original €20,95 - Pirx Original €20,95
Pirx Original
€20,95 - €20,95
Prix Courant €20,95
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-Rounded, cupping pouch
-Unlined for extra stretch
-Low-rise front

Mid-height front leg line with fabric binding
Back leg line follows the natural contours of your bum

Silky polyamide fabric in soft pink 
(65% polyamide, 35% elastane)

Slim 3.5cm jacquard SUKREW branded waistband in two-tone pink 
(36% polyamide, 50% polyester, 14% elastane)

We have recently made some changes to the sizing of the Apex Brief in polyamide
The sizing of this design is now in line with our standard sizing.

 If you previously bought this design in polyamide and were happy with the fit, consider going a size down with these
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